WBX is a digital reward for playing grassroots sports.  Starting with basketball, then soccer/football and other sports, anyone will be able to use WOOOBux to reward and be rewarded for their real life sports activity, based on parameters like location and participation. Similar to a Pokemon-like treasure, brands, moms, dads, parents, friends and family alike, will be able to click and drag on the WOOOBA Googlemap, to quickly setup a Rewards Zone; when the player reaches and achieves the set goals, WBX automatically deposits into the player’s WOOOBA Wallet, within their Player Profile. This utility token, once on an exchange, will be convertible to standard currency or Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Audiocoin and BPL. As the demand for this cryptocurrency increases, so does the tangible value of playing sport (1% of all WBX sold will go to sports charities).

Join the movement that’s connecting people with sport; grow the healthy desire to get out and Play. Kick off by creating a Player Profile and download the iOS App or just sign up online.

* Purchases during Pre-TEC can receive up to 200% bonus tokens. You will receive the bonus tokens once your purchase is confirmed and you’ve registered for a wallet account.

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